The ELETTROMECCANICA MACCHI was founded in 1950 by Luciano Macchi to build electric motors.

Already now, is patented by Renato Metlicovich the first electric rotisserie.

In 1956 we started to produce patented and roasters, specializing in time in the construction of spits roasters and high productivity.

Many years have passed and today the company led by Marco and Angelo continues to build and design any kind of spits and spits Professional: Planetary gas, wood-burning planetary, planetary, electric cooker with grill, grill ventilated and exhibitors are our products peak reaching so many of our customers in Europe and beyond.

Elettromeccanica Macchi specializes in rotisserie and unlike our competitors that produce other products and equipment, we build spits and skewers exclusively for professional use.

Our product niche is the wood-burning rotisserie, where we are able to provide a unique product for its quality of cooking for refraction.

You need a rotisserie robust and reliable for your business? Contact us at nr. +39 0332 89.23.33 or send us a request by filling the contact form here.