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In 1956, first in Italy, we have patented and started producing industrial rotisseries. We specialize in the manufacture of high productivity roasters:
  • Rotisseries gas: ideal if you need to get low operating costs and high productivity results
  • Wood-fired rotisseries: recommended for tradition and high quality of cooking
  • Rotisseries electric: ideal for supermarkets with the demands of high production
  • Ventilated rotisseries high visual impact: recommended for food stores and supermarkets
  • Chafing and showcases thermal self-service
The brand SPIEDI MONDIAL, in fifty years, has established itself in Italy and abroad. We have reached a very high quality standard, we use only top quality materials and assemble the best components available in Europe.

The robustness, reliability together with the excellent and unmatched quality of cooking for refraction are the recognized characteristics of our skewers and roasters.
Among the users of our products, we are the largest and oldest Italian takeaways and poultry shops, major supermarket chains as well as organizations and communities that regularly, even at a distance of decades, renew their trust in our SPIEDI MONDIAL.
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